What should your first efforts be?

Focusing on one goal is just the only way to successfully reach that goal.

That said, what should then be your first goal to be successful in publishing e-books?

Let’s think about all the solutions you have at the moment and you’ll see that there’s a yellow brick road.

Build it and they will come

One solution is to do  what positive-club did with the publication of ebooks since 2000. Create a web site, find some future clients and build a list. Then start marketing to that list of people.

Well, nobody found the french version (the english version is still in the works) that way. And it wasn’t instant success. Actually it took many years before the web site started selling things and making money out of it. For the few first months, there were only expenses, and a lot of work.

Yet it has many advantages : the clients of your web site will be yours, and you can contact them when you want. You have their email, provided they allow you to send marketing emails, and you can build exponentially on it.

Also, amateur hour is over. Users and customers expect many features from your web site, a full fledged web store. And you have to time spend learning how to build a web site, a web store, marketing… lots of things that don’t let you time to concentrate on what you really like : writing or releasing great new ebooks.

Pros: Build your audience, iterate  – Cons: lot of time, lot of expenses, needs technical knowledge and marketing knowledge

Talk, talk talk

If you look at advices from people, you’ll often see that they advise you to create a blog, a Facebook page and a twitter and “engage” your audience.

Engaging? I prefer Delivering.

What counts is the number of readers, people who have your ebook in their hands, bought it, enjoy it and are likely to recommend it to their family, their friends, and other people they don’t even know.

Pros: 20 zillion followers on Twitter, 50 giga zillion followers on FB, for “free” – Cons: Free followers never bought books

Stand on giant’s shoulders

Easier, isn’t it? When you publish you ebook on Kindle’s Direct Publishing program  or iBooks, you already know that many more than a few hundreds millions people can read your ebooks.

But you need two things to succeed in that jungle : good books and great way to sell them.

Writing good books, books that fulfill their promises, I’ll leave that to you, although I know quite a few ways to have great titles, legally and at no cost or just a moderate cost.

But a great way to sell them? When you’re a writer, ti’s easier said than done. You need to become a publisher, and you have to know to do all the right things that will help your titles find their readership and sell.

Once you are on the Kindle store, you don’t have to manage a lot of things or complicated technical issues. Amazon sells your ebooks for you, delivers them and provides you with reports of how much you’ve made.

Pros: Little expenses, huge market, no technical fuss – Cons : It’s a craft, you have to learn it.

So what do you think ?

Publishing eBooks 101

The subject of this article tells it all: it’s a short summary of how and why you have to publish your books as eBooks.

eBooks are digital versions of books that are readable on computers, tablets and eBook readers. The best known devices where you can read them are the Kindle from Amazon, the iPad from Apple (including with the kindle app from Amazon), the Nook and Kobo readers and Android tablets such as the Galaxy Tab or Google’s Nexus 7.

You can transform almost any type of book into an eBook: a novel, an essay, a handbook, a school manual. You can even add content into your eBooks that you wouldn’t find in a material book, such as video or audio. You don’t get the smell of glue, or paper, nor the touch, bout you get other features with these devices and versions. The ability to read in a dark room, or take many many books with you in a light package are amongst these advantages.

Creating a digital version of you book is simple and just requires you to use a software that’s made for it. But selling that eBook once it’s ready is another game. You could create your own eBooks store, spend hours and a lot of good money to make it worthwhile.

For most readers, it’s easier to look for eBooks in the store to which their device is connected. I mean the iBooks store on iPad, the Kindle bookstore on Kindle, Kobo reading life on Kobo or Google Play on Android tablets.

And for most authors it’s easier to do also. You don’t need to find an agent and a publisher, and you can literally publish your eBook in minutes.

To make your eBook available on thèse marketing platforms, you usually just need to fill in a few forms  to subscribe, transform your eBook into the right digital format and send it to the platform through a dedicated web site (like you would add an image on a Facebook page).

Then, you need to change your brains and transform your self from an author’s brain to a publisher brain. Easier said than done, but not super hard.

If you like to read and write, if you know the basic use of a computer and a web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari or Chome, you already have the key knowledge that will help you publish and transform your books into a relative success. And if you spend enough time doing it, and try hard enough, you will have great success, because desire always leads to success.

You can learn how to do it on your own, and I hope this blog will help you do it. Or you can taking the short path and go through a training.

With desire and passion, you can do anything you want.

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